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Appliance: maintenance, repair & service

Trust Easyproa Engineering for all of your air conditioning repair and services needs. 

Our Service Technicians will diagnose your air conditioner to determine the issue and will provide you with a detailed cost estimate before any work is done.

Don’t forget, we can offer  air conditioner repair service on any brand of central A/C system, no matter where you bought it. You can trust that our expert Easyproa Engineering Cooling Technicians will do the job right.

We also repairs all brands of refrigerator, washing machines, Disk Washer & Dryer. We don't just stick to one make. Our technicians are highly experienced in all makes and models so you can be assured that your washing machine is always in good hands. We repair and service Bosch, Fisher and Paykel, LG, Whirlpool, Samsung, Hoover, Simpson, Electrolux, Maytag, Kleenmaid, Westinghouse, Daewoo and many more. If your machine is not on our list then please ask us.


PC & Latop: Repair and service

Easyproa Engineering PC & Latop Service Center takes the hassle out of home computer repair. When your system goes down, it doesn't have to take your lifestyle or with it!


From problems like spyware and viruses to software and hardware failures, any computer problems you may have, our experienced service team can fix them for you. For added convenience and speed, we can come to your home to repair or we will pick it up and bring it to our shop. 

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smart home

Security & Automation Systems

With the ever rising risk of home invasions having a security systems for home ensures you and your family’s safety.

All the same, there are plenty of measures you can do to better the protection of your home. It can be as uncomplicated as having a home monitoring system or some home security cameras to discourage crooks away from your home. You may even think about having a residential security system with motion detection sensors that warn you once an trespasser is by your home or sensors and warning signals that alert you of the presence of an trespasser already in your home.

But combining all this with what until recently was believed to be science fiction makes a difference, Smart homes and home automation.

We can make it for you.

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Network Solutions

We provide full range of networking, business and communication systems solutions to all businesses, individuals, government parastatals and other entity.

We network homes, offices/ business organizations, schools, cyber café setup, and more. We are into
* Personal area network, or PAN
* Local area network, or LAN
* Metropolitan area network, or MAN
* Wide area network, or WAN
* Storage area network, or SAN
* Enterprise private network, or EPN
* Virtual private network, or VPN.

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About EASYPROA Engineering

Established in 1998, EASYPROA Engineering (before LENA) is well vested and competent in the areas of Electrical, Electronic Engineering, engineering design; project management; process and automations engineering; and systems integration & instrumentation engineering among others and ICT. Our teams work closely with their clients on each project to compile practical and cost effective engineering solutions and to ensure conformity to specific needs.

Customers satisfaction, through optimum, cost effective production and prompt services are the distinguishing characteristics which helped  EASYPROA Engineering attaining a reliable name.

EASYPROA Engineering is one of the leading Industrial Electronics Repair solutions Company serving various areas all over the Netherland Atilles. We provide the best Industrial Electronics Repair Services.

We provide FREE and FAST evaluations on all repairs with our state-of-the-art testing equipments. EASYPROA Engineering Repair specialists will analyze your product and determine the of level repair that is necessary. We will make recommendations for upgrade or suggest preventive maintenance to ensure your products meets our current product performance standards. You will be given an estimate on repair cost which will include our initial analysis, scope of works and services, best of parts and recommendations. We are dedicated to offer our clients the best services to assure us of customer satisfaction.

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