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My fridge freezes up but doesn't cool down?

The freezer fan can be trapped by ice buildup, it collides with the propellers and stops and stops flowing into the compartment below. This can be determined by unusual silence. There is usually a hum or "rumble" of the fan.

How often should I service my air conditioner?

In general, preventive maintenance in the case of air conditioners is performed 2 times a year.
This is so because with use it gets dirty (internal filter, internal coil, external filter, turbine, etc.) is, as well as checking the pressure of the refrigerant gas. In the event that it is low, it must not only be recharged, but, much more important, check the tightness of the system.

My washing machine won't start, what to do?

Possible causes

- The door is not | tightly closed.
- The "Start / Pause" button has been pressed too many times. - The water supply will start | soon. - The water supply valve is | closed.


Verify that the door is | closed.
Check that the machine is | connected to the electrical network.
Check that the water supply valve is | open.
Press the "Start / Pause" button to start the machine. Make sure that the safety of the children is not | active. Check the cable of your electrical installation.