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  • Nexete smart light switch standard in-wall smart outlet,phone connect directly no need getway,transform any home into a smart home with the smart lighting control receptacle,Nexete smart socket wireless control of on/off functions is compatible with incandescent, LED, Xenon, Halogen, fluorescent bulbs and fans.(The receptacle requires in-wall installation with hardwired connections,easy to install.)

    Features:(Make your smart home)
    1.Works with Amazon Alexa for voice control (Alexa device sold separately) – Connects directly to Alexa.

    2.Works with Google Assistant for voice control – Connects directly to Google Home.

    3.Voice control your home - “Alexa, turn porch lights on” or “Ok Google, turn [Everything] On” .

    4.Control your lights from anywhere using the free "Smart Life "or "Tuya Smart" app for iOS and Android, no hub required .

    5.Simplify control of your home – Automate based on time schedule or Sunrise/Sunset, easily group your devices into rooms, and create lighting scenes.

    6.Integrate with IFTTT, utilize auto-shutoff in closets, hallways and bathrooms; plus engage home vs. away – perfect for vacation.

    7.Requires Neutral Wire; Please verify electrical infrastructure and if unsure, consult an electrical professional.

    Do-It-Yourselfers can easily install

    Verify Compatibility
    1. Replaces Single pole switch only.
    2. Not compatible with 3-way(multi location control) switches.
    3. Neutral wire required.
    Quick Install Guide
    1.Shut off power at circuit breaker for the switch you are replacing.
    2.Remove your old switch( Take a picture for later reference)
    3. Install the Nexete light switch. Check all wires are secure. Live/Load wires must both be connected as shown.
    4.Screw in Nexete Light Switch and attach faceplate.
    5. Turn power back on.
    6. Configure the switch on your smart phone.

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